Review: Rush Hour 3


This is one of funniest of the whole Rush Hour series of movie, this has just the right amount of comedy and action with a storyline that you can enjoy it. This has more comedy then Rush Hour 2, and the comedy is fresh with a tie to the original Rush Hour. Chris Tucker is just as funny, his character has developed in this movie because time has passed by and they are still good friends. Jackie is protecting his old boss but he is almost assassinated so he must track down the Triad which leads them into Europe. They are pulled into something bigger then what they expected, but it just keeps getting funnier as they barely avoid getting killed every time. If you liked the original Rush Hour then you will love this movie and it is a perfect end to this set of movies.


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  1. Watching this in the UK would be cool, watching it in Kuwait, lets just say, Cut cut cut cut.. ;l The friggin trailer was slaughtered!

  2. Eddy

    cant wait to see this movie….one question the storyline simple enough that the people who havent seen rush hour 1 and 2, would be able to understand it???

  3. Hasan.B

    I hope rush hour 4 comes out soon also!

  4. I hate you Marzouq. You already got to watch the movie? Where? in Kuwait or UK?

    You know, I’ve been waiting for this movie for SO LONG! The bastards here in Oman are not willing to bring the movie to the theatres anytime soon and I don’t understand why! We had so many movies this year being released in Oman two days earlier than the wide release, like Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, The Simpsons Movie and some other movies. So I thought they would also manage to get us Rush Hour 3 two days before the wide release but in fact, the movie is not in their coming soon list for the upcoming 14 days! That really pisses the hell out of me. I so want to watch this movie! so badly!

  5. didnt know it was out already, i love the RH movies

  6. N: Very true, I think it would get slaughtered and there are some very key scenes!

    Eddy: Yes you would be able to but why don’t you watch Rush Hour 1 and 2 they are that good to be entertaining!

    Hasab.B: I think thats it, no more!

    Amjad: lol! in the UK! That is really annoying that they don’t bring these good movies on time! Get in contact with the cinemas purchasing department, they don’t get everything automatically so you have to see what they might purchase or not to bring to country!

    Zed: Its out in the UK! Same here, I love the Rush Hour movies too!

  7. even though i love the RH series, i expected more from the third installment, i mean it felt like the 90’s, it had the same ol’ jokes from michael jackson’s impersonations to funny asian looking people popping from everywhere. still it was fun cant deny it.
    by the way ..The UK dont get all the releases on time, sometimes it takes months, except for big blockbuster summer movies. i think kuwait is catching up, it always surprise me how some movies like the transformers and the simposons got nearly the same release time as here in Canada.

  8. jewaira

    It was hilarious. I haven’t laughed so much in the cinema in a long time :)

  9. DJ X FADER: I think they just continued the theme they had going. But this time they really concentrated on the comedy which I enjoyed! In regards to the movies they are doing a good job with them which is really good, but the problem is the damn cutting! Its driving me nuts!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Yup!

    jewaira: Exactly!!

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