Kuwait Phone Prices Aug 07


Nokia 6110
Price: 150 KD


Nokia N95
Price: 185 KD


Sony Ericsson P1
Price: 210 KD


Nokia E-90
Price: 300 KD

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  1. Hi
    Just For Info That I do office delivery for mobiles,,,,,,,so any one have inquery could reach me through mr marzouq

  2. Carlsb3rg

    P1i is available for 195KD, but no through AL-Barrak

  3. I dont like the new ericsson look. Thanks for the post. Longer one would have been even better :)

  4. What about the MotoRazr2 V8 is it out yet?

  5. Fhaid

    Sony Ericsson ftw!
    i’m contemplating getting the sony ericsson one…
    I just need a mobile phone asap.
    Nokia isn’t even an option, since my last nokia phone was 6600 lo.
    I hate how their mobiles so laggy!
    But when will iPhone be available in Kuwait? and in a working state?
    Will a network provider get it exclusively like mtc did with the Blackberry?

  6. Trixter: Send me your contact details and I will put them up everytime I get phone prices!

    Carlsb3rg: yup, I’m just making sure there is warranty!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Always!

    Bashar: lol! I do like the Ericssons especially the interface!

    Jacqui: Don’t like Motorollas so I don’t ask! lol!

    Nora: looool!

    Fhaid: exactly! I think the iPhone will be available next summer through normal retailer but it doesn’t have half the features of a normal phone from Nokia or SE! I recommend to get the W960 thats coming up from Ericsson!

  7. W850i is out and at Al Ghanim for 98 KD

    The black one is sexy but I’m waiting for the W910 if I will switch to SE then I might as well wait out for the better model.

  8. Fhaid

    I want K850i :(
    i love the K series.
    K800i been with me since last summer and i got the walkman SE with the touch screen but soon after that K800i found it’s way back into my pocket

  9. v

    Just saw the cost sheet….

    The cost on the e90 is like 220 bucks….

  10. Huzefa

    What is the current price of Sony Ericsson P1i Mobile???

  11. moocherx

    Hey Marzouq. Do you happen to know if the new N95 8GB is launched yet, and what the price is? I don’t know whether to get that or the Communicator E90. Thoughts?

  12. ahmad

    what are prices of n95 8gb any body knaws plz help

  13. ahmad

    some body answer plz i’m in a bad need to know it’s price in kuwait thx (n95 8gb)

  14. ahmad

    hello any body here

  15. ahmad: I only check prices every once in a while so I don’t have this information right at my finger tips!

  16. ash

    can u please tell me the price of sony ericsson xperia x10 in kuwait.. please reply soon

    thanking u………………..

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