Fatboy Outdoor


There isn’t anyone that doesn’t like a Fatboy so this comes from the makers of the those comfortable seats! The Fatboy Outdoor, meant for use outside and treated to resist water and fading. It has straps to make it easy to carry to keep its comfortable form when sitting on the beach or just outside. For $350 I think this is a fantastic beach accessory and if you like sitting on the beach then this purchase is a must. It comes in multiple colors so there is probably one to suit your tastes.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Purgatory

    outdoor?outdoor? outdoooooooooooooooooooooooors!!!

  2. I like the colour! But I don’t know if I’ll pay $350 for something I’ll take to beach! :P

  3. Fhaid

    Those seem really comfy, but summer is almost over :(
    had i seen those things back in May or so, i might have considered getting one! but it’s a tad expensive for a beach accessory tho.

  4. Fhaid

    Oh one more thing, could you please post my blog to your links?
    and i’ll do the same since i just got back to my blog ;p
    thanks a lot man

  5. MSB: Goolay! lol!

    Purg: hahahahaha!

    Nora: I think it might be for a beach house/ beach sort of thing!

    Fhaid: I think its worth it if its going to last long! I dont have your blog link and I don’t mind posting it up just send it to me.

  6. JUNE 4th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (you should’ve seen that coming!)

  7. Fhaid: Will be adding it! did you check out the “What?” page, there is contact details there.

    MSB: loooool! What color?

  8. i hav it in that exaact coloor.. daaamn theyr soo comfy !!

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