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Mail Wars


Mail Space! Google started this war a few years back and now the rest have caught up. Hotmail has now reached 5.3 GBs and Yahoo is unlimited, but I don’t think space is the biggest factor at this point. Its the user interface and experience which makes the difference as of right now I still think Google has the better interface after that would be Yahoo, Hotmail still has a lot of kinks to workout. Hotmails’ interface has some similarities to Outlook and I don’t think its a good thing they should have streamlined there interface instead. Yahoo has a very good seamless interface making it really easy to go through a lot of emails without any issues. My only problem is that I get so much spam on yahoo account that I find it unusable or else I would have had it as my secondary email instead of my primary email.

At this point you do have a lot of choices and a lot choices.


My Current Ranking For Free Emails:

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. Hotmail


Link: LifeHacker
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