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Ice Cream Night


It just turned into one of those funny nights, we were talking about lots of different things. And a few of us were working on the new media PC I have in the basement. Then one of our friends walks in with a bag filled with every ice cream that KDD makes and then the attack commences. I went for the Golden Cone at first and after sitting on the floor and working on the machine for a little while I went got myself a Failaka (Strawberry on a stick) Ice Cream. The HTPC turned out to be really good and we are able to just watch shows at a click of a button and we also watch a few concerts, the quality on the screen totally depends on quality of the video stored.

The screen resolution is set at 1920 by 1080 which is pretty damn good for that graphics card, but I’m having a little jitter from high resolution videos which I hope to resolve. Right after dinner two people disappear and reappear with more scoops of ice cream but that time it was from Baskin Robins. It seems it was an ice cream night, more then usual really.