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Landcruiser Tweaks


I was doing my alignment for the Landcruiser a couple of days ago and its usually 5 KD by hand and 10 KD with a computer. I opted for the computer since it would adjust the pull to the left I had, and it was better then before but not straight all the way.

Then one day my CD changer just stops working, the Landcruiser has a 6 Disc CD Changer and it just fails to work at this point. So I’m left listening to the radio but I have a few other options but I am too lazy to work on them regards to plugging a few things in. I was told the only way to fix the issue is to replace the unit from Toyota and its not going to be cheap so I’m looking into other options as what I want to install in its place. I prefer Alpine head units since they have very good quality of sound but once you go into the audio upgrades you upgrade everything and it adds up and I don’t feel like going into that and I doubt the capabilities of those in Kuwait.