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A/V Recievers

I’m planning on upgrading my current A/V receiver since it doesn’t meet my needs and currently there are a lot of options out there. A few features which are important to me at this point is the capability to upscale to 1080p, at least 3 HDMI inputs, 7.1 Channel, multizone, and the latest audio/video processing. Currently there are a lot of choices out there and they choices just keep increasing. Now HDMI 1.3a has become standardized but each one of these machines has a little extras which are different then other machines, but they all are fully featured.

Onkyo TX-SR875

HDMI: 4in/1out

Price: 480 KD

Sony STR-DA5300ES


HDMI: 6in/1out

Price: 480 KD

Yamaha RX-V3800


HDMI: 5in/2out

Price: To Be Released in November