Hula Chair


This is probably the funniest piece of equipment I have seen. I don’t doubt its capability to exercise your muscles, but just look at the youtube video and the man who looks like he has other ideas. I would have a hard time not laughing while someone is doing that and keeping a serious face.

Link: Youtube
Link: Crave

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. So this is another one those get fit while you sit things! lol! And about the guy, well the chair is moving her butt around, of course he looks like he has other ideas lol!

  2. this is one of the stupidest machines I’ve ever seen ! :O
    but the video is worth a watch ! LOL ! :D

  3. lol this is funny, I’m tired about people calling their abs the core wtf is that all about if i was to call something my “core” it wouldnt be my abs but I got another name for it :P

    only thing this might be useful is if it can handle two people on it… use your imagination ofcourse to strengthens each others cores :)

  4. N: hell yeah he does! look at him, its hilarious!

    mathew: I know seriously! Its hilarious!

    TAT: loooooooool! Thats just hilarious!

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