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Review: Pizza Express


Sometimes I get a craving for some pizza and so we decided to stop by Pizza Express. These days there are quiet a few branches of Pizza Express, I can think of four just off the top of my head (Airport, Bida’a, Avenues, & Dahiat Abdulla Al Salem) and there might be more.

We went into the one in the Avenues and there were a lot of seats to choose from for lunch on a weekday. The staff is friendly and we took our seats, and got the menus. I was very hungry at that point so I was looking through the longs list of choices. They do have a nice selection of salad but I went with the Ceaser Salad and a Cream Chicken Pizza, I tend to the like the white sauce. My friend ordered some meat type pizza and that was something different so I wanted to try it as well.


The timing was pretty good, they brought the salad and then 15 minutes later they brought out the pizzas which were nice and hot. I went through the pizza very quickly as well as getting a bite from my friends pizza, what I love about their pizzas is that they are thin crust and not thick. I really dislike thick pizzas because I’m not enjoying the pizza as much.


Overall I really like Pizza Express since they have good food and good service, its not 100% like the ones in the UK but pretty damn good.