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Tumi T3 Bags


I have had to change my laptop bag recently and Tumi is one of the bags that I have been buying over the past couple of years so I thought I would get a Tumi bag. I had a different one previously but after 4 years of use it broke and it couldn’t be fixed. I got two bags from Tumi one is the T3 Flip Flap Bag, and the other is the T3 Map Bag. The T3 Flip Flap bag is for my laptop and a few accessories it small enough to put everything I want in it and carry around easily, the T3 Map Bag is when I want to put my camera, and note pad, cell phone is a small bag to take with me if I don’t want to keep it in my pockets. The T3 Map Bag is really versatile for a small size bag but I’m finding it very useful. The T3 Flip Flap Bag is just big enough that I can squeeze my 15.4 inch Laptop into there, its probably meant for a smaller size laptop but it is accommodating it.


I have been very happy with Tumi bags and their quality over the years, and there are other good quality bags out there but its their style which stands out. Even when I’m at the airport gets my bags from the conveyor belt the Grey and Light Blue Tumi bags stand out from the rest, so they are easy to spot.

Link: Tumi T3 Bags