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Some Vacation Time


At this point the time is coming close when I will be going on my first vacation for a while now. I leaving on Wednesday night to the states for some time off. I have a lot of things planned out and its all with friends.

I’m going to visit a lot of friends on the West Coast and that is where I will be for about 2 and a half weeks. I have gotten the time off from work, but I think I will still be in the loop for all the work and other tasks. I’m trying to remember all that I have to do before I travel, and hopefully this time I remember everything since this is going to be a longer trip.

I will be landing in LA staying there only for a day before driving up to San Francisco with a friend and staying there for the rest of the trip. We might be planning to go somewhere for labor day weekend. Whats great is that everyone is going to be there and I am just going to enjoy the time off. I got a few surprises though for everyone and a few things to look forward to while I’m there.