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Review: TMNT


I have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while I have heard some mixed opinions about this movie. I knew I had to see it since I was a huge fan of TMNT since I was a kid and it brought back memories. As the story starts the Turtles aren’t a team anymore, and Leonardo is in South America for training. As they are split there is something taking place in the city, and Shredder is no longer there. Leonardo then returns to the city after being convinced by April and ending more then year away from his brothers. They did a real good job introducing the characters as the people that they are, and the animation is superb for this type of movie. As things progress the story unfolds and all the pieces start falling into place. The Foot are still there but they are not the threat, whats interesting is that it seems that there is going to be sequel to this movie and it felt more like an introduction then a full movie, but still very enjoyable. Any person who liked TMNT from back in the day will enjoy this movie, its aimed at old geeks and young kids.

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