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Treasure Hunt Day


Today was one hell of day, there was an event planned for my brother for a special occasion. The plan was to do a Treasure Hunt across some area in Kuwait, and we guys didn’t have a clue what or how to do anything. I have to say it was exciting and a very different thing to do. We met up and we were 6 people at the Starbucks in Qibla. From there the events began, we were separated into two groups and we had to figure out clues which led us from location to location. We had to figure out clues to go to the next location, the first clue was the hardest.


We were told that girls usually figure out these clues faster then the guys. And guys are really just brash about things!! We were a little more then Brash, we were just hilarious! The first thing that happened, after they explained the semi-complex rules to us, was a car chase! We didn’t know what we were doing and we thought they knew what they were doing. So we tried following them, we tried following them from afar and a few times we managed to keep up but the vehicle was much faster so after a while we gave up and decided to work on the clue to figure out the answer. Each clue gave a key to open a lock on a metal box that had another clue, and there were three locks in them. We did the most insane things, such as water from a water fountain in The Avenues, to finding a key inside a clothing store. I was the navigator and helper. We had someone making calls if need be, we wanted to win at all costs. And one of the clues was too funny trying to figure out that I think its worth someone to do.


A few mishaps happened where a friend of ours was a casualty of the adventure. His shoes got completely soaked just to get the water from the fountain. And they asked for evidence such as video and photos that we did everything that was required. It was funny as hell. We were accused of cheating but we didn’t… we really didn’t!


Honestly it was an amazing job, and they can customize it for you to be across all of Kuwait or in just a certain area. Oh yeah.. my team won!