Windows Vista Look on XP


Microsoft have put a lot aesthetic touches to Windows to make Vista look a lot better then XP and to be smoother. That is really the case, but it is a bit graphics intensive but you do get used to it and like it. Some people aren’t ready to change to the Vista operating system yet, they still want to keep what they are used to in XP. Now you can have the both of both worlds from the links below. They can give you the look and feel of Vista, almost a full feeling of it, but then it would still be XP.

Link: Vista Wallpaper Pack – LifeHacker
Link: Vista Taskbar Window Previews – LifeHacker
Link: Vista Star Menu for XP – LifeHacker
Link: Vista Cursors for XP – LifeHacker

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  1. Thanks great collection!
    I’ll try them on the old PC

  2. AL

    What Video card do you have? I’ve been looking all over hawally for a decent Video card ..Like any Nvidia GeForce 7 series card. Even though I want a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX originally. But I gave up on that..

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Thanks :-)

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