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Taking Off


Wednesday was a hectic day, I had to finish a lot of work and I was handing over some projects to some people I work with. I was running around all day, plus I had to go to the bank, and I got a quick shave and cut. Checking on some maintenance for the house as well. Then I was with family for a little while. I didn’t even start packing at that point but I knew I had a lot to do. I was bouncing from one end to the other just finishing up last minute details.

I was heading home to finish up packing, and since it was Wednesday and most of my friends didn’t have anything to do I asked them to take me to the airport once we finished up our usual night. I was running back and forth between the basement and my room since I was hanging out with them and still packing. I left them for a bit and went to my brothers house to say goodbye to him and his family. As soon as I saw my nephew he shouted Agoog Agoog! I was happy to see him, its been a week but it feels like ages! And I saw my niece, she was adorable but she was tired! I was only there for five minutes but my nephew kept saying baara baara becase I was going out. And he was saying bye bye Agoog bye! I thought that this was the first long vacation I have taken in over a year, and my nephew got me all choked up. The little bugger got to me, and I really will miss him! Then I went back home to find the guys still chilling watching the movie while I went upstairs to finish packing.

Four of the guys were going to take me to the airport and the rest were too tired. It was going to be a funny ride to the airport! We got the bags down, and we took off. We were all squeezed up in a Dodge Durango. It was funny as we were going along and music was blaring, when we go to the airport it was totally packed. There were a lot of flights coming in and going out so we had to find parking. We parked really far away and walked, checked in the bags and stood outside the security check for a little while. After that I went in to the Pearl Lounge to relax for a bit before getting on the plane. As soon as I boarded the plane I passed out, there were a few people I knew on the plane but I only chatted with them at the gate. As soon as the plane was taking off I flatten the seat and go to sleep.