Treasure Hunt Kuwait


I got some enquiries regarding the Treasure Hunt event in Kuwait so I have found out a little more information.

Contact: 9359953

Just tell them you want the Treasure Hunt People. It is two girls who handle everything.

They need a two week lead time, and the groups have to be a minimum of 8, but we did it with 6 people. Basically the more the merrier.

These events are very customized to each event and requirements. They need to know a lot of information about the people who are participating since they completely customize the clues depending on the people. Such as where they graduated from, what they like doing, where they work, and that type of information. Then they customize the event based on your requirement.

What I find great is how much effort they put into making it fun for everyone. You can also specify the area you want it to be in. From my understanding one time they did a group of 6, and each group had 5 membesr so it was a total of 30 people with lots of places to be covered. Its one hell of an adventure and worth checking out.

Regarding price I think its between 30-40 per person, I’m not totally sure since I didn’t organize the first event. I will be calling them in a couple of weeks to organize an event for all our friends and making into a rediculous run around Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory72

    I did not read the post, thought it was your own, but now seems very interesting :)

  2. That sounds like fun, my company is thinking of planning an event. So Im going to suggest they try this out!

  3. nothing more fun than running like idiots around kuwait

  4. I thought the game was created by u and ur friends =[ bsss thanks for the details

  5. First time i hear of this hehe

    nice new activity :D

  6. *ring* *ring*
    Ah.. yes.. I’d like to arrange for a hunt.
    We’ll be hunting Marzouq..
    Oh.. you don’t hunt people?
    Sorry my bad..

    They suck! :/

  7. so cool…I like doing it with my friends we sometimes play it at campus.
    Its so damn cool.

  8. few years ago, I co-organized a treasure hunt birthday party for a friends. We made him go around the city like a crazy person figuring out where are we having his bday party. It was so much fun!

  9. Missy-TheOriginal

    *ring* *ring*

    Missy: Hey where you off to?
    3baid: We’re off to a hunt
    Missy: Groovy… Birds?
    3baid: Nah… Marzouq
    Missy: *DING DING* Count me IN!!!
    3baid: Sure.. The more the merrier… Cya 9 sharp, meeting point
    Missy: Capiche!
    3baid: Adios

    —- Mission #11947862 Swat Team Agenda —–

    Equipment: Spears, M15, Gas mask, Net, Cat woman Suit,
    Walkie Talkie, James Bond Sound Track & Sedative

    Objective: Tie the body down & steal the duckie frame!

    Dispatch at Destination AE46, 9:15 a.m.

    …Operation in Process …. roger!

  10. Tsk tsk .. don’t you know you can’t catch Marzouq? Well .. unless it involved a Justice League DVD and Ice Cream.

  11. K. doesn’t all men? T.V. & Food “the secret recipe” :P And I think Missy is purely interested in the Duckie Frame :) lol

  12. And shrimp chow mein! lol

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