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I have just arrived in LA after a nice long flight! I really do enjoy long flights since I get to eat, sleep, eat, and sleep without any issues. I also have a large amount of anime on my hard drive to watch so that is something which will kill some time. But my battery died after the first 2.5 hours, but then I went to sleep.

As soon as I arrive, I’m going to the hotel and then straight to family for the day. Going to check on my nephew who had a recent accident and I rought a gift with me which will hopefully entertain him for time he can’t go out with his family and do things. I remember getting gifts when you have a broken foot or arm is always something to make your day better.


I was a bit worried when going to immigrations since my passport only had four months left, but they didn’t say anthing at the counter in Kuwait. And the German Immigaraion didnt say anything since I had to go out of the International Terminal to get to the nice First Class Lounge.

There was a huge cue for the US immigrations so I had to wait about 40 minutes before getting to the counter, and they asked me the usual questions. I give them very blunt answers which usually satisfies them. Then I got stopped at customs and they pulled me aside for about an hour going through my things and asking a lot of questions, which I answered to the fullest, and I told them I was hungry since it was a long flight. As soon as I walked out of the airport it was a cool breeze and sunny weather. Today was going to be a good day.