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UnExpected Disappearance!


This has been one hell of a trip! I didn’t have a chance to sit down or stop to breath! Always running around and doing something which is great. My vacation started around the end of August and I just came back after two and half weeks. And these weeks went by very quickly! I managed to do a lot during my time there but most of it was going out with friends, sports, riding, and a few other activities.

Time Spent:

  • Los Angeles 11%
  • Las Vegas 27%
  • San Francisco/ Bay Area 62%

When I was in the Bay Area I would stay with a friend since I’m there 90% of the time and during the day I would go riding and meet up people for lunch which was fun. I was also doing a lot of paper work for some things that I am working on in the states. I was riding and driving like a demon in the states which had its results.

For the short amount of time that I spent there I got 3 speeding tickets (96 mph, 90 mph, 80+ mph). Two of the cops were nice about it because all they saw was a blur and I was going a lot faster then 96 mph, and one cop was rediculous but like any place with rules you have to know the loop holes to get out of the points from these tickets. I tried going to the movies but I didn’t have enough time. One thing to mention, I managed to go to the Justin Timberlake show in Las Vegas, and as a man I have to admit that his show was nothing short of amazing, that guy can put on a show.

The weather was so nice I was always trying to do things and staying outside, the best part was driving with the top down in the amazing sunny California weather. The amazing feeling of a cold breeze while racing across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to head to our diner for a bite to eat.