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Playing Catch Up!


As I have been away from the internet for the period I was away a lot has piled up, and I mean a lot. I tried doing everything for work but it was really difficult since it was an 11 hour difference. And I was only in front of the PC to look up directions for a place we want to go to or movie times. I missed a lot of posts from the blogs, and I didn’t even have time to put up posts from my time but I will over the next coming weeks. Its just going to take some time for me to get organized and put things up. One thing I got used to was the 6 mb connection my friend had which is really cheap, only 120 KD per year.

So over the next couple of weeks I have family, blogs, Ramadan, work, and a lot of other things to work on. Its going to be interesting seeing how I get into the groove of things again. I need a big white board, and I need to start drawing!