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Weight Reduction


It has been on my mind this past summer, but I have put it aside for one reason or another but at this point I won’t! It has been a very good vacation but I also noticed that I need to go back to the gym. Some of my friends I haven’t seen for months a few I haven’t seen for about a year. One thing is in common with everyone, they have all lost weight and they are feeling good which is great!

I knew that I put on some weight but I didn’t realize how much until I tried putting my old bike gear on to go riding. One thing that was fun was playing American Football every couple of days and riding, it got my blood flowing and for the first few days I losing my breath quickly but later on I got back on pace. I just need to regulate what I eat and when, even if work gets in the way I need to eat a lot less and move more its as simple as that.

The funny part is I ruined their workout schedule and I was the chef while I was there. I managed to cook every other day while I was in the states, except when we were traveling. It was a mix of food between Chinese, Italian, BBQ, and a few random dishes! I was always mixing it up and making people eat, by the time I left almost everyone put on weight!

I have reached the highest I have ever been at this point and I need to drop it, I’m at 231 lbs/105 Kgs and I want to drop down to 177lbs/80Kgs. That would be perfect for me and I want to get my endurance back up. With Ramadan and other events coming up I have to figure this out, I know that I’m going to do it for sure.