Email Flood


I managed to check my work email for most of my trip but for the last week I decided to just not check and enjoy the time off. And when I came into work, I knew I would be paying for it. I noticed 1 of 213 emails to be downloaded, and it was a long morning. I went through most of the emails and I only replied about 10 % to 15% of them. So much work could pile up just in a week of not checking the email.

First thing I did was check the ones that were organized into specific folders and I was happy at least 50 of those 213 were spam so that was easy to get rid of. Then I had a little bit to catch up with work, the rest of the day was insane just running around and making sure I get back on top of all the projects I was previously working on. At that point I knew this is going to be a rough couple of weeks.

My friend told me there is never a good time to take off work, but somehow even though I planned this for a few months ahead it did turn out to be the worst possible time to take-off but I had plans and I had to go off!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Just do what Bruce Al-Mighty did:
    – Select All
    – Reply, “YES!”

    Is Outlook 2007 really that yellow?

  2. unless you work in the government most likely any time is a good time to take a vacation (this is just my observation )

  3. N: I thought about that as well! Just hitting YES! lol! Yup its pretty Yellow!

    Laialy: In the government you can take anytime, but in the private sector you could stop a lot of work so there is an affect.

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