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JT Concert


We went to Las Vegas for Labor Day weekend, and we were 11 guys and one of my friends organized the whole trip from A to Z. He wanted to surprise me and one of my friends who is getting married at the end of the year. One of the things that he organized was the JT Concert and even though we were all a bunch of guys we were looking forward to it since we knew he was going to be damn good.

First off there are two things you hear in that concert, one is the music and second is the high pitch scream of every women in the vicinity of that hall! I think I lost some of my hearing from the screams coming from behind me. My friend did a great job with the tickets we were about 25 meters from the stage on an elevated area so it was pretty good and we got a good view.

My hat goes off to the guy, he is even better live then when you hear his music on the CD. You can’t help but get up and dance with the beats vibrating through the whole Mandalay Concert Hall. We were lucky we were staying at the hotel, the whole thing was packed. If you ever get a chance to see this guy live then go for it, I know I would go see him again thats for sure.

Check out this youtube link of the Manadalay Show but the audio quality isn’t the greatest but it gives you an idea.

Link: YouTube