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Ramadan Kareem


It has started and this time its going to be a little hot during Ramadan, unlike the previous years. Last summer wasn’t too bad but this just feels a little early. I’m the type of person that really enjoys Ramadan since I get to see a lot of my family more often and I get to enjoy their company. For the first day its going to be going to a lot of Dewaniyas after Futoor so that will take up sometime from the day I’m just hoping to be able to meet up with my friends since its the beginning of the weekend. And there is going to be a lot of traffic on the streets around 5:30pm over the next couple of days.

A lot of people follow the Arabic TV shows during Ramadan, I just follow them with family since I have my own set that I follow from the states and there are some new shows to follow. Its funny how everyone is sending the times of the new shows on all the different Arabic channels, but the Ramanda is when the quality shows are shown so it will be interesting.

And my works hours have changed from 9:30am to 3:30pm, but its funny how work always goes past that and for the first day I have a 8:30am meeting, and so I wonder when the day will end.