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Driving Up


I’m the type of guys that really likes to drive and ride to where I’m going to. So I had this road trip planned from the beginning of the vacation.


I had it planned out to be in LA for a few days to visit some family and relax for a bit. Then I just rented a car and drove up from LA to the Bay Area which is about 368 miles and mostly on Highway 5. There are three ways to go, Highway 1 which is the coastal drive and very scenic, highway 101 which is close to all the cities, and Highway 5 which is the superhighway. I was looking to enjoy the big sweeping highway so I decided to take Highway 5 up.


I packed the car with my bags, and I burned my mp3 CD since the car’s stereo could read Mp3s CDs. I had a bite to eat before leaving, and I had a few bottles of water in the car. The best thing was the amazing weather, sunny and cool which couldn’t be better for a drive. I just put the windows down and opened the sunroof with the music blaring as I was driving. As soon as I was on the open stretch on the 5 after the Grapevine I put the car into its paces and took off. There are long stretches of road where you can look for cops. A suprise I had was the discovery of a built-in radar detector, and it was the Valentine 1 which is an amazing radar detector.



I made it up north on two tanks, one in the beginning and one towards the end. It took about 3 hours and 50 minutes which isn’t too bad and I wasn’t going to fast. The fastest I have ever done it was in 3 hours a couple of years ago. One of the most enjoyable roads for me is the 152 which connects between the 5 and the 101. It is a curvy elevated highway with great sweeping curves next to a resevoir, just right to test the traction of a car. As soon as I got my friends apartment I found people already on the BBQ, and a lot of people were there. It was a fun drive and a great night, I was jumping and hugging people left and right. As soon as that was done, we all got down to business I showed them who was still the King of Halo!