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The iPhone


There has been a huge amount of hype regarding the iPhone, and a lot of people are trying their best to do everything possible to unlock the iPhone. I think the iPhone is a great Apple product with great features, but not to be used as a phone. While in the states I burrowed my friend’s iPhone for about a week to try it out and see what all the noise was about.

What I liked:

  • Google Maps is fantastic when looking up places, finding address’s and information, checking locations. Perfect integration with Google maps.
  • The camera takes really nice pictures and presents them clearly.
  • The Tilt feature works great
  • The OS is very smooth without any hitches.
  • Music organization is great just like any iPod
  • Stock Market, Weather, and Calendar work great.

What I didn’t like:

  • Trying to type out the numbers when your doing any other task is very difficult.
  • The touch pad for sms’s works great but only when you are looking directly at the screen.
  • If you have more then 40 numbers stored on your phone good luck finding it, it isn’t the easiest to go through even though each contact is presented nicely
  • Web surfing is a bit slow sine it doesn’t have 3G

I think its a great product and a step in a different direction, but it isn’t the best phone. If you like Apple Products then you will love this piece but it isn’t for everyone.