The Rounds


The first day of Ramadan was a nice start since work wasn’t too much and I had a few errands to run before going to futoor. I went to futoor to my brothers house, and I wasn’t that hungry when I went but I was thirsty after a long day.

The best thing about the whole day is seeing my nephew and my niece! My nephew can now say my name has morhped from Agoog to Ma-soooook which is funny. I really missed those little two even though it was only two weeks and a bit.

After futoor I went with some Family members to do the rounds and one thing is for sure going from Dewaneya to Dewaneya is a great tradition. You get to see a lot of people, and its interesting how they schedule all these visits, one thing I really liked was seeing all these old Dewaneyas which kept the old Kuwaiti architecture in great condition.

We started around 7:30pm and we finished around 10:30pm, and that is only the first set of the day. Then over the next week there are other rounds to be made, and it starts right after Isha prayer. I can imagine how tiresome this can get, but this is the first time for me so it is interesting making these rounds.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. purgatory

    This looks like an old pic

  2. i HATE the lady rounds

    all the kissing!

    kiss kiss kiss kisss


  3. hahaha
    i’ll i do is eat, watch TV, and maybe some homework … it gets boring after a while

  4. dia

    Ladies rounds Suck …with the stupid heels closing on your feet and you have to draw a big fake smile on your face … lol I’m so rude when I’m tierd .. which I am now lol

  5. افطار شهي وصيام مقبول, بالعافية

  6. Purg: hahahaha you remember all the food!

    Vixen: Yup!

    Eshda3wa: loooooooool! The guys is much easier!

    Laialy: loool!

    dia: looooooooool! Wow you girls have it rough compared to us!

    Homaid: alah e3afeek!

  7. Man! That muchboos LOOKS YUMMY! I have not eaten muchboos for a long time now (not a big fan of rice = aka 3ioosh) but this one got me hungry LOL.. 3alaik bel3afia

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