This is Grimlock, I have had this truck for over 5 years now. I bought it used off of Ebay from an old lady in Texas, she used the truck on her farm to haul the hay and other items. The first thing I did after receiving the truck was to change the sound system since the stock system was horrible and I tinted the windows. I worked at IT company part-time to originally pay for the truck and to pay for all the modifications that I made. So it was a working progress and it was a lot of work, this is the result of a project during my college years. And I really love my Truck since it has a been through a lot with me, and I still have it in the states, I refuse to sell it since its so unique. I don’t think there is a stock piece in that machine. The engine has been changed since I blew the original, its got a dual battery system, a supercharger, an 11 inch lift with 38 inch tires, a fantastic Audio and Video system, and Road Armor bumpers from and back. Some of the modifications I have made by working on it myself at a friend’s garage, and some I had to have professionally done since I don’t have the skills or equipment to do it. The best part is staying in the garage as the modifications are made. This machine is road legal in California but it wouldn’t be in Kuwait. The best part is when all the other cars moving out of the way when I’m flying down the road. And I have to have my Orange Gatorade as I drive down the road.

I always used to haul my motorcycles on the back or on a trailer with this truck to the track or when I go down to San Diego for a long trip. The best part was taking this truck on long trips, so comfortable and we would play video games on the drive down or watch movies. Then we would deploy the motorcycles at our destination if we took them.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mashallah! I wish we could have trucks like these in Kuwait! I don’t see why they should consider it illegal!

  2. LOL! Stallion :P – well, mashallah yeah, looks nice from the inside although it looks scary from outside :$

  3. loves: quad front fog lights,, taillight guards,, the center console

    hates: side mirrors

    nice clean work

  4. Hot wheels, too bad not street legal here! Gatorade! That stuff rocks..

  5. It looks so terribly American.

    Much of an offroader ?

  6. Stallion: The bumper, the lift, the engine, the exhaust, the tint, I could go on and on! lol! I wish they would let us have trucks like these as well!

    vampire: thanks! I didn’t take enough pictures inside!

    N: thanks! Yup love Gatorade!

    Homaid: thanks!

    TI3GIB: I do off-road a lot, in Kuwait, Saudi, the California and more! Its an American Truck with Americna Modifications, what do you expect!

    Jacqui: Thanks!

    Laialy: yup! hehehe

  7. Fahamtni ghala6! :P
    I wonder why they consider such accessories illegal! I don’t see the reason behind making such accessories legal! Kinda like invading the rights of a person to using his own personal property!

  8. Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks!

    Stallion: One thing they have in mind is that if it isn’t a professional doing it then it would be a danger to the driver and the people on the road. But instead of finding a way to make sure its safe they have banned all types of modification which is just plain stupid!

    Ananyah: Very Much So!

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