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The Game Line-Up


While I was in the states I always pick up a few games from Electronics Boutique/Gamestop. The best part is that the prices of the games drop over time. I haven’t bought that many games in Kuwait since all the games cost $78 (22KD) and they don’t drop in price. In the states I always ask for used games and check if they work before buying them so it comes out to be reasonably priced. The best part is trading in the games that I wasn’t really playing then I get credit to buy other games and so you don’t spend that much. In Kuwait that doesn’t work since people aren’t used to the concept of buying used games, and if they want cheap they go to the copied games.

The first game I want to play and finish is the Transformers, then I start the other games since the consume more time.


  • BioShock $59 (New)
  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam $55 (New)
  • Crackdown $30 (Used)
  • Shadow Run $35 (Used)
  • Transformer: The Game $55 (Used)