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Review: Shoot Em Up


I usually watch every movie that Clive Owen is in since I really like his acting, I didn’t know what to expect from this movie expect that it was all action. It turned out to be that and a lot more, this movie was made for Clive Owen. Owen is protecting a baby and he is trying to find out why people are trying to kill this baby, and he gets Monica Belluci to help him. Monica Belluci is one of the hottest actresses and she fits her role in this movie. The limits of your imagination for the action keeps getting pushed from scene to scene, the best part is that it isn’t just senseless action there is a very good plot and the actors are perfect for their roles. The gun fights are nonstop action packed explosions that keep you astonished and entertained throughout the movie, even towards the end you feel like it was a fast blur. Its a movie which is worth watching and owning.



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