Trip Music


During any holiday trip there is always a couple of songs which I really like and get repeated during that vacation. Its a list of four to five songs which really gets me going while driving and riding since I was doing a lot of that while I was in the states.

  • Kanye – Stronger
  • Timbaland – The Way I Are
  • T-Pain ft. Akon – Bartender
  • Baby Bash ft. T-Pain – Cyclone
  • Chris Brown ft. T-Pain – Kiss Kiss
  • One Chance ft. Akon – Private
  • Rihanna – Push Up On Me
  • Plies ft. T-Pain – Shawty
  • Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive
  • Justin Timberlake ft. Stat Qou – Summer Love (Remix)
  • Rihanna ft. Tupac – We Ride

You can download all the music as one zipped file from MediaFire at this link.

The new Kanye and 50 Cent CDs have been released and I recommend downloading both since both are really really good. You download both Albums from Ananyah right here.

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  1. Zahed

    zooki your office is great but we have to do a dagaaa ib munther next time il send him a gay guy and il ask him to hit 3alaa munther lets see what he is gona do hahahhaha

  2. so nice of you to share ’cause you know sharing IS caring :p
    *starts singing*
    nananana that that won’t kill me .. only me makes me stronger


    I downloaded both of their albums, And i like “Good Life” and “Stronger” from Kanye’s. and “Fire”,”Ayo Technology”,”Straight To The Bank” and “Amusement Park” from 50’s.

    Have you listened to Shitney’s um I mean Britney’s new song “Gimme More”? Its addictive.

  4. n____n i love bartender and way I are.. totally driving music :D

  5. It is caring, me getting right now!

  6. Zahed: wala I have nothing to do with it!

    ananyah: What can i do! lol!

    Laialy: looooooool! Enjoy!

    MEANBOY: Both Albums are really good, and I liked a few more songs from Kanye, listen to them fully and take the time to enjoy them! As for Britney, I think she would better off being put to sleep!

    Vixen: I love the Bartender song! Gets me groving!

    N: Enjoy!


    Marzouq, you might wanna check out Rihanna’s Rehab, It’s co-written by Justin and produced by Timbaland.

  8. MEANBOY: Yup I heard it, I really like the song but it isn’t a driving song!

  9. Wooohoo Thanks alot for sharing the music

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