First Step


It has been a while but this is the first step, I went to the gym right after work to start my work out. I knew it was going to be interesting since I haven’t done much in a while. I realized that I have really put on weight and I just want to do some cardio and stretching.

The first thing I did was to go straight to the elyptical machine and my goal was 30 minutes which I managed to complete and then 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and a few sets on machines for my legs. As soon as I was done and about to head home my legs felt really light. I haven’t felt this good in a while, it felt nice to be tired. As soon as I went home, I took a shower and it felt good. And the gym was packed full of people this is the most I have seen the gym packed, I have never seen it this packed before.

The problem I had was that I ate a lot for futoor, it was a rediculous amount and I knew I ate too much. I will regulate my eating a little bit, but at I didn’t eat much at night, just a glass of liban and one tamur.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Carlsb3rg

    You should do some weight lifting as well.

  2. Gym before or after futoor? I would assume after would be better.

  3. hmm…. go walk before fo6oor o gym not straight after – shwaya before you sleep

  4. Zouk sweetie, when work out your body loses a considerable amount of fluids so when you break your fast you will eat a lot (the usual reaction of a fasting person + compensate for the loss you had) afterwards I assume you will feel bloated. If you want my opinion, keep your work out after futoor, and if you’re busy during those times socializing then just walk lightly before futoor- nothing heavy and dont eat a lot during su7oor. After rmo’6an knock ’em dead properly those calories!

  5. Carlsb3rg: I will after a few days.. I’m going to go back to the same routine!

    N: Going before futoor is better because your metabolism is in high gear so you burn what you eat, the bad part is that your supposed to keep it light, not stuff yourself like I did!!!

    chikapappi: I can’t just walk! I have to do something and see the results of the numbers!

    Missy: I just need to check myself, working out after futoor is just not a possibilitiy for me! I will be burning a lot wen I get the whole schedule together! I have a goal that I want to achieve!

  6. moocherx

    Hey, good to hear you’re back on the fitness wagon. I left C Club since moving to Mangaf.
    BUT I’ll tell you something… and it p*sses me off… I’ve been running at least 1 hour per day and really cutting down my calories significantly, for about 1 month.
    When I do that in England or Bangkok I lose about 7-8 kilos.
    In Kuwait? NOTHING. I don’t understand it. The manager of the gym I go to said the same thing.

  7. getting back to the gym is ganna be a mission impossible for me with this amount of work and my laziness …

    Good luck buddy

  8. Here fatty fatty fattyyy :P

    Just kidding :P I like all shapes and sizes but if you’re slim and trim it gives you major points :P LOL!

  9. Jacqui, well if you love him u shud want him lose that extra weight -health wise that is =PpP anyway, best of luck zouq.

  10. im the only person i know that has never been to a gym in kuwait :)

  11. Carlsb3rg

    Actually you need to eat more (meals) to get ur metabolism higher. This will make you burn more. Never starve yourself. If you want to know how much you should eat per day, there’s an equation to calculate the amount of calories u need to eat every day to get ur metabolism higher. This is of course assuming ur gonna work out on a regular basis. Im sure u can find the euqation somewhere on the net, cuz I forgot what it was.

  12. Sam: Thank you!

    moocherx: damn that is strange, but you are in good condition unlike myself! I don’t know how you want to lose another 7-8 Kilos. Maybe your putting on muscle weight!

    Laialy: Thanks, I need to get into shape again! Go when you feel like getting back in again.

    Jacqui: looool! I will woop you!

    Missy: lol! Thanks!

    eshda3wa: Some people don’t need to go! I’m the kind that really needs to go!

    Carlsb3rg: I need to get back onto schedule and then regulate everything else!

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