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First Step


It has been a while but this is the first step, I went to the gym right after work to start my work out. I knew it was going to be interesting since I haven’t done much in a while. I realized that I have really put on weight and I just want to do some cardio and stretching.

The first thing I did was to go straight to the elyptical machine and my goal was 30 minutes which I managed to complete and then 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and a few sets on machines for my legs. As soon as I was done and about to head home my legs felt really light. I haven’t felt this good in a while, it felt nice to be tired. As soon as I went home, I took a shower and it felt good. And the gym was packed full of people this is the most I have seen the gym packed, I have never seen it this packed before.

The problem I had was that I ate a lot for futoor, it was a rediculous amount and I knew I ate too much. I will regulate my eating a little bit, but at I didn’t eat much at night, just a glass of liban and one tamur.