P. Diddy – Unforgivable Ad


It seems that P. Diddy made what is supposed to be an advertisement for his perfume for women and it seems there has been some controversy and the ad has been banned from television. The TV ad had nothing to do with the cologne, and its about three minutes long.

Link: YouTube

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  1. you should have a warning that people shouldn’t watch this while fasting :p

  2. Laialy: There is a parental advisory sticker above! looooooooool!

  3. Biohazard

    the fuck!!

    I just wasted 3 minutes of my life on this? It’s completely irrelevant and cheap, and you’d think he’d have some cool music not Ramadanian music to a prolonged sex scene.

    Moth’hila(مذهلة) perfume would sell better than this.


    WTF does this have to do with the perfume? Methinks Diddy wants controversy and publicty to sell more bottles.

  5. Holy smokes! The “advisory” at the beginning said “approved for all ages!” I don’t think so!

  6. I didn’t get the advert and what it had to do with perfume? Unforgivable women?

    If its about sex and if she was good, shouldn’t it be Unforgettable Women?

    Diddy looked like a frozen robot and it all looked so fake!

  7. Lol, that was funny.

    I like they scene where they are posing on the stairs, they both look so awkward and uncomfortable.

    They were going for a sexy ad, but it just came off as fake and overdone.

  8. Kodder

    Nice Add, irrelevant as a perfume add but its a hot add :P.

  9. blekh… he’s so maleeq.. and the ad is boring!

  10. Biohazard: loool! I think it was funny, all that for a perfume!

    MEANBOY: I think so too.

    Intlxpatr: I agree with you on that…

    ananyah: I know.. nobody does what they were doing! It looked like a messed up photoshoot!

    Morbid Curiosity: I think some people may have had cramps from it! It was funny how they were going about it!

    Laialy: Next time I will put an age limit on the advert! lol

    Kodder: I don’t think its hot, I think its way overdone!

    Swair: lol!

  11. cojones

    It’s just perfume! If you don’t like the ad, you have the civil right to TURN THE TV!!!

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