Power Bill


I was going through some letters the other day then I see the power and water letter sitting in between them. I assumed it would be a bill, and I opened it up to see what it exactly it was. The period was from April to July, and we usually prempt them and pay the bill every 4 to 6 months. When I saw the amount I was shocked and thought something was very wrong, for last year our bill was only around 1900 KD for the whole house. Suddenly on this bill for a 3 month period it said 13’480 KD, I got on it to get things sorted out.

After dragging a technitian from the the Ministry of Power and Water to take a correct reading of the meter. After going back and forth, they were telling they can’t change the amount even though it was a completely wrong reading. After getting into a few heated arguments the amount changed from 5 digits down to 3 digits, to be exact around 350 KD which is much more reasonable since I was home alone for most of the summer and almost everything was off. I wonder how they taking readings in Kuwait, and somebody they don’t even send them the bill.

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  1. I like how the tried to tell you they couldn’t change it, so they were expecting you to pay 13,000 KD extra?!?! Thats ridiculous!

    I have to confess, I didn’t even realize we got charged for electricity and water here.

  2. purgatory

    Why do you pay ? They should give provide electricty for free.

  3. Don”t pay, unless you want to buy a new house. No one else pays.

  4. ana madre met hal ministries beytsani3oon and yasoon shghl nafs elawadim!

  5. Woah! Ridiculous! That is just too insane. 13,000kd extra? Wow, talk about extortion..

  6. moocherx

    They need to introduce electronic auto-transmitting electricity (and water, for that matter) meters so no-one needs to incorrectly read, and everyone can be billed.

    that would soon make this tarsheed thing totally unnecessary. If people were billed and had to pay or get cut off, we’d soon be only using a/c when needed, switching off lights, appliances, etc.

  7. 350 KWD = CY£515 that is still too much in my opinion! But well glad it got sorted out!

  8. Morbid: I know its completely ridiculous! If your on top of it then you just pay, I don’t like letting bills pile up.

    Purg: That isn’t a good idea!

    Laialy: yup!

    3baid: yup!

    Don Veto: That isn’t a good idea, if you want people to change and shape up then they should pay. The funny part is everyone pays their phone bills.

    eshda3wa: That will never happen until they dish out some punishments.

    N: They want to rob people blind!

    moocherx: They don’t want it because it would reduce the need for manual labor. But it is as you said, if people pay then they would feel it and lower there usage just as we do.

    Nora: Its a house, so it isn’t too bad.

  9. purgatory

    phones :)?

    OK let me get this

    You pay your phone
    You pay your electricty and water
    You buy DVDS and not download torrents

    whats wrong with you :)?

  10. jewaira

    It is not a mistake that should be ignored. There should be a formal complaint against them for taking a wrong reading.

    It’s a shame!!

  11. Purg: yup, I pay my phone, and we pay the electricity and water, and I buy DVDs, but you are mistaken I do download torrents!!! looooool!

    jewaira: Even if you make a formal mistake they drop it because they don’t feel like going through with it and there is no punishment at all, its just filed randomly. Sad state of affairs.

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