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Power Bill


I was going through some letters the other day then I see the power and water letter sitting in between them. I assumed it would be a bill, and I opened it up to see what it exactly it was. The period was from April to July, and we usually prempt them and pay the bill every 4 to 6 months. When I saw the amount I was shocked and thought something was very wrong, for last year our bill was only around 1900 KD for the whole house. Suddenly on this bill for a 3 month period it said 13’480 KD, I got on it to get things sorted out.

After dragging a technitian from the the Ministry of Power and Water to take a correct reading of the meter. After going back and forth, they were telling they can’t change the amount even though it was a completely wrong reading. After getting into a few heated arguments the amount changed from 5 digits down to 3 digits, to be exact around 350 KD which is much more reasonable since I was home alone for most of the summer and almost everything was off. I wonder how they taking readings in Kuwait, and somebody they don’t even send them the bill.