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The Replacement


So a little while back my 05 Yamaha R1 was stolen from the apartment complex and since then I have moved the bikes to my friend’s house. You really don’t think that something of yours could ever be stolen until it is. So I received the insurance cheque in the mail in July, insurance companies do take their time.


So as soon as I got the cheque I asked my friend to go to San Jose Yamaha and get another 07 Yamaha R1. He told me what color I told him surprise me, he is the friend who is getting married and his engagement was in Egypt. I told him not to send me any pictures I just asked him to break in the bike by the time I get there. And it was just broken in by the time I got there at 570 miles for the first service. As soon as I took that machine I noticed how much of monster it is, he got it in Gun Metal Grey which is really nice. Its looks black at night and a very nice shade of grey during the day. This quite a different machine then the 05 R1 but like that bike it needs a little tweaking at the bottom to get it off the line faster. The crazy part is how powerful it is, if you give it full throttle at mid range you have to hold on for your life since its got a lot more top end power. Also another new modification is that it has more stability at high speed which is great, and even sharper at turns then before.