Riding in SF


During the early morning and afternoons I would go riding, and one afternoon just after having lunch with my friends I decided to head up to San Francisco to take the long sweeping highways and then enjoying the ride inside the city. The route being shown is only my riding inside the city across the Golden Gate Bridge. The best part was crossing the bridge and getting a very cool breeze and heading into Sausalito. Usually I go to the more curvy roads in the area such the 9, 35, and Alpine but this time I just felt like going to the city. There is something very different about San Francisco and I enjoy going there, the great part is the amount of motorcycle parking available. Then on the way back I stopped at my friend’s restaurant to get a quick bite and wait for him to finish his shift at the restuarant then we headed back down south. And as we sort of raced each other for the next 40 minutes of riding.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Your ride is so cool :) mashalah ya36eek 5airah o ykafeek sharah
    la o ba3ad in riding in SF!
    bas i guess ya3jez lesany 3an el ta3beer :P

  2. The Golden Gate Bridge scares me after that bridge fell somewhere here in the states

  3. u were enjoying while i was covering 12 hours night shifts

    u lucky bastard~!

    glad u enjoyed ;)

  4. Wer3y: Mashkoor, it is something everyone should experience! Riding in California is just something different!

    Laialy: The Golden Gate Bridge is extremely well maintained, it is used by thousands of people everyday, they check it and lots of engineers and reports. So no worries!

    vampire: looool! I thought you were taking a vacation after your manager comes back! It was one hell of ride, and we will be riding soon so get your bike into shape!

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