Santana Row and More


I seemed to have missed pictures of Santana Row that I had in another folder. I took a lot of pictures on this trip, so I’m putting these up as well. Whats nice about the place is that you can do some furniture shopping as well as home accessories then get something to eat in any of the cafes and restaurants, you have a lot to choose from. I just wish the road was a lot longer so that there would be more places and you can cruise down there a little more.


My usual stops:

  • Best Buy (Electronics)
  • Crate and Barrel (Furniture)
  • Straits (Asian/Cuban Fusion)
  • Maggianos (Italian Food)
  • Borders Books
  • Style & Form (Furniture)
  • The Counter (Amazing Burger Place)
  • Blowfish Sushi (Funky Sushi)
  • Design Within Reach (Furniture)

I think I’m forgetting a few of the places off the top of my head.
The one thing that they did with this development was to make apartments and townhouses for rent, if they were selling them people would buy right away. How nice would it be to live over an area to be considered the Rodeo Drive of Northern California. What I like the most are the boutique stores, they specifically got a lot of different kinds of boutique stores. The best part is there is a lot of parking on all the different sides.

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  1. Lovely place!

    Off topic: What do you use as your post editor? Regular wordpress, or do you use a program to write your posts then upload them?

  2. allah – that looks sooo, sooo, soooo unlike salem el mubarak street! I would love to go there one day & just walk

  3. B’s Sanctuary: Yup, I love that place!

    N: yup! I don’t use anything particular, I just use the usual wordpress and do a little editing on my own.

    Nora: Yup its, nice to walk around there!

    chikapappi: loool! yeah it is nice, I wish they would try to do something like that.

  4. purgatory

    what happened to the women!?

  5. Purg: lol! At that time it was early, she wasn’t there!

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