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Famous People


These are the people that I have met during my trip mostly in LA and LV

  • Toby Maguire
    • At the Four Seasons, he is very much full of himself and a complete asshole.
  • Morgan Freeman
    • At te Four Seasons, very approachable and very nice.
  • Shawn Waynes
    • The Manadalay, very funny guy to talk to.
  • Redman
    • The Mandalay, really chill guy and we talked to him for a while at the lobby.
  • Tim Duncan
    • The Mandalay, really nice guy and he is so tall I only reach his waist line.
  • Mark Curry
    •  Stand Up Comedy, he is hilarious and great fun to talk to.
    • Jessica Alba
      • She is just as hot in real life as she is in the pictures and she is nice to talk to.

    Most of these people are approachable and nice to talk to when you walk up to them. Very few are mean, but every once in a while you get somebody like that and Toby Maguire is one of them, I have seen him twice, once a couple of years ago and once on this trip and both times he was a complete jackass about it.