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Currently there are a lot of good shows coming up as well as the ones I have been watching from last year. I’m happy that at the end of this month everything kicks into high gear and they start airing again. I hope the new shows are good and that they stay on instead of getting canceled.

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  1. Ooh I really want to watch Greek. I want to see how truthful they are about sorority life.

  2. I wouldn’t say Greek is new, I mean they’re already done with the first season.

    Read up on Chuck, Burn Notice, Californication and Traveler. Might interest you. Let’s not forget (disappointing pilot) Prison Break’s third season.

  3. Pushing Daisies and Journeyman should be on this list.

    You might want to add Bionic Woman too.

  4. you should watch entourage ;) kick ass especially since u like nice rides and techie stuff !!!

  5. Grey’s Anatomy is out I think. How about it ?

  6. Hey Marzouq its off subject but I think you would really like it, go to my blog and follow the link to the new Desmosedici :), and if you happened to have 42,000 pounds that you can give me I wouldn’t say no :P.

  7. Mo Hat

    Stargate Atlantis 10/5 that’s more correct. Although it doesn’t compare to SG-1 :P

  8. I just watched a new called Gossip Girls which was really neat … Kinda OC meets Sex in the City hehehe

  9. Out of your entire list I am watching only one show with you but hey where did Las Vegas go!

  10. Can’t wait for 24’s new season to start . I even have the widget that counts down for the start of the season.

    It’s all because of you Marzouq I’ve started to watch 24 . I wasn’t following it back then but After I’ve followed Season 6, I went out and purchased every season of 24 (Full seasons set) from Amazon and watched it all from the beginning .:)

  11. Finally, we’re getting closer by the minute!

  12. Chirp: Same here that is why I want to watch it!

    TI3GIB: I knew it isn’t completely new but on my list of new! hmmm lets see how these are for sure! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Angelo: I do have Bionic Women, already saw it! Seems interesting, we shall see how the episodes go!

    lebinbah: I did watch entourage, and I need to catch up!!!

    mishref: I think its really good but I’m not on top of it!

    Kodder: loooooool! I know about the Desmosedici, I was contacted regarding it but I turned it down. Its just too much, if I could afford it I would get it and ride it only on track, but I don’t even have the skill to ride that kind of machine!

    Mo Hat: lol! I’m with you buddy!

    Laialy: cool! Any more recommendations for funny shows?

    Jacqui: I really enjoy Las Vegas but I haven’t watched it in a while!

    G-Funk: Very nice!! Well done buddy! Its one hell of a show and I have a counter like that as well! I can’t wait!

    N: Closer and Closer!!!!


    Marzouq, you want funny shows? Watch 30 Rock, It’s hilarious!!! Tina Fey is awesome.

    I’m excited about the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice and Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell narrates the show) :)


    Also, what do you think of Alias? Yeah i know it ended but it’s one of my fav shows ever and I’d like to hear what you think of it.

  15. MEANBOY: hmmm I will check out those shows hopefully, they can do some good! I thought Alias was good but it felt more like a Franchise after a while, they just kept making stories to keep it going nothing like how I liked it in the beginning.


    Well yeah the 4th and 5th season were good but they were nothing compared to the stellar first seasons, The 3rd season is my favourite, everything was perfect, The bad guys, The storyline, The plot twists they were perfect!!

  17. MEANBOY: I agree with you that it died down a bit as time went by! I really didn’t watch it religiously, it was just on and off sort of thing!

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