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The other day our nephew came and a lot of the other kids came over. The funny part he is only a year and a half when all the other kids were 6 – 8 and he was playing with them. Suddenly they became a little too noisy so they decided to the send to my dewaneya in the basement.

I went down with them to set things up so that they would the least possible damage. We removed a huge table, and they took all the cushions and started making forts out of them. Then I put the Justice League on the tv and they were shocked I had that, it was key to making them remain stationary. When the episode finished they were going nuts asking for the next episode, and so I played it for them and they were stuck to the screen again. My nephew sat next to them because they were all sitting down, it was really funny seeing him with them.

As soon as I plugged in the Gamecube and they played there wrestling game all hell broke loose. The kids were running around who weren’t playing the game. They were all on top of each other if they were playing the game, and of course I jumped in and grabbed them one by one. My nephew was enjoying this whole mess and jumping around as well. After they were done it took a little bit to reorganize but at least they had fun and didn’t want to leave.