Review: The Bourne Ultimatum


This is the final iteration of the Bourne series and what an ending it was. Now they bring back Bourne from his hiding to just to bring him forth and give him his information. There is a different ideas in the Agency regarding Bourne and what they should do since he resurfaced and things only keep getting better. The storyline just keeps getting better and better, things aren’t clear from the start but the action is just perfect. If you liked the previous Bourne movies then you will really enjoy this with all the action, and Matt Damon does an amazing job as born. This movie should not be missed.


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  1. I saw it 2 days ago. It was excellent. I really liked the circular ending.

  2. Don Veto: Exactly, its a very well done movie and the story is completed!!!

  3. I loved the movie and you so know that he’ll come back one day! The way it ended….


  4. I loved all of them! I think big chunk of their success are contributed to the plot and the unanswered questions. Though the last one was my favorite by far…. my friend didnt watch the first two and still enjoyed the Ultimatum!

    All the fighting and car chases scenes were brilliant! The ending was awesome!!! It was all put together so well… I think if you blinked through it then you already missed something! So many questions were provoked throughout the film, and it kept me wondering if there will be a fourth??

    bes enough garga :-P

  5. Hmm, I think I heard rumors about a fourth one.


    I don’t think this is the last one. The movies are based on a book series and there are 2 or 3 books left.

    Anyway, Ultimatum is my favourite movie of the series, I found the first one too long and boring and the second wasn’t very exciting, But this one has the perfect amount of action and suspense and it’s not very long :)

  7. Laialy: He is a great actor!

    ananyah: looool! hopefully he will come back!

    Ansam: loooool! I agree with you 100%, I hope there is a fourth but I doubt it. They did so well with this as an endin they want to leave questions.

    N: I’m not sure about that! It would be cool!

    MEANBOY: I agree there are books left but they wanted to finish it off with this movie, they changed a bit of the story from the book. I personally liked all three movies!

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