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The Delivery


I just recieved a package from Amazon and it was two products I was really waiting for:

  • D-Link DIR-655
  • Gyration – Home Theater PC Remote

My Router:

I have had my Netgear WNR854T for a little over 8 months now and it has been great, the first set of reviews were happy about it but there were some bad reviews later. I didn’t think much of it since my router was working fine and doing all that I want. I got it mainly because it was the only commercial Gigabit-Wireless Router, Gigabit wired connection and it has wireless. So after all this time I came home to find it dead, and not operating at all. I tried restarting it and trying to connect to it without any luck. It was basically dead and I was left out of options, I was lucky to have an old Linksys wireless router in the closet that I put in its place but the wireless signal wasn’t that good so I ordered the D-Link DIR-655 instead since it was getting a lot of good reviews.


After setting up the HTPC in the basement I noticed the short comings of conventional Mouses and Keyboards, so I decided to get a product to satisfy my needs. Currently I don’t surf on the HTPC even though you can, but the mouse would only work at most 1.5 meters away. So after doing some research I chose the Gyration HTPC Remote since its motion sensing, if you move the remote in the air the mouse on the screen moves which is fantastic. Its much more practical for the purpose and works no matter how far you are away.