GulfRun – The PreShow


We decided to meet up early Friday morning at 10:00 am to go driving and try out a few cars since we are going to go on the GulfRun on Nov 15th. We had a Carrera S, Audi RS4, Audi R8, and BMW M6, we met up in Mishref and things started from there.


We went straight to the gas station to fill up the gas and check the tire pressures on all the cars. Soon we were on the highway heading towards the equestrian club since there were a lot of nice roads in that area and that we were enjoying for a little bit before starting our excursion. We started down the sixth ring road to the seaside road next to Bida’a, and stopped for some pictures there. What’s interesting is that all the different vehicles having extremely different characteristics and were built for different purposes. For pure power the M6 was the fastest but not the best handling, the best handling by far was R8. The RS4 and Carrera S could hold their own, the RS4 was launching perfectly and since it was four wheel drive it could take off at the line. The Carrera S was handling perfectly and holding with the R8 on a straight line, but on a very curvy road the R8 would put its distance from all the vehicles. It was a very fun day that started in the morning and went through into the afternoon.


As soon as we reached the end towards KPC we stopped to again relax for a bit and we headed down the road towards Le Notre to take the first ring road the car wash to get all four vehicles washed. It was one hell of day, and even driving hard and pushing these cars gets you worked up. Since we were coordinating so much we were thirsty as hell, that is the one thing that got to us all day we were very thirsty towards the end. When we finished cleaning all the vehicles we took the cars back to our starting location before all heading home. We had a fantastic time, good music and a nice start to the morning. After four hours of this event from the morning we all headed home, and the best thing was taking the cold shower and relaxing a bit as soon as I got home. The funny part was there was still a lot left to the day, but did do a lot from the morning.

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  1. Great cars.

    Everyone drove each car for a while aw kif?

  2. Nice rides. The M6 is my favorite. Where is its front plate number, btw?! :-p

  3. zahed

    We had so much fun bas the best drive was the R8 by the way MARK was with us and he was having shani all day and chewing gum

  4. The cars sure look yummy … the white one is my fav.
    reminds me of vanilla ice cream with silver sprinkles on top

  5. Hashem

    Yesterday was amazing we had so much fun, we have to do it again this week, i have to say that i really enjoyed the R8….yeah MARK was drinking SHANI & JILAB while we were washing the cars hahaha !!

  6. purgatory

    Who is that chubby guy in the picture?

  7. Mashallah lovely cars, what no video?

  8. Sin

    all i have to say is, the R8 is bloody gorgeous!!!

  9. Daddyz Girl

    Mashallah kil wa7da tagool il zain 3indi :P R8 looks cool although i wasn’t fond of it at first. stay safe & best of luck to all ;)

  10. Corolla Man (AE86)


  11. Eliedh: Pretty much, we all kept switching cars throughout the day!

    Amjad: I never drilled the holes on the front and I never will!

    zahed: lol!

    Laialy: loooooooool! I think it has a few more other features then ice cream!

    Hashem: hahhahaha

    chikapappi: very hot!

    Purg: if he is chubby then I’m huge! lol! He is one of the many drivers!

    N: There is video but it shall remain hidden until our editing skillz improve!

    Sin: yup its pretty nice!

    Amer: hahahaha!

    Daddyz Girl: thanks, it was just a fun day!

    Corolla Man: La’a … AE86 o bes!!

  12. goood u had an amazing time…:)

  13. jaja

    have police annoyed u for the front plate ever?

  14. Purgatory

    I think his car is too small for him ;p

  15. tartar

    Why the Carrera S is the only car has GR sign on the back!?

  16. Maze: Its a must!

    jaja: yup they do, but not too much!

    Purg: looool! Which car 3aad!

    Wer3y: Thanks!

    tartar: It participated last year, and now these cars will have it as well!

  17. Purgatory

    He knows and you know :P

  18. jaja

    so.. how do u get away with it? :P I have some people in the MOI but I don’t really like calling them every single week to take care of me lol

  19. You gotta try them on wet roads, you will be surprised or actually shocked about the performance and handling of both the Carrera and the M6 in comparison with both the R8 and RS4 which got a great grip and stability. I have not seen cars that behave and stay on the road like Audi car does.

  20. Patrick Semaan:
    I have driven the cars and I can assure you that the Carrera works perfectly fine on wet roads (on street tires) .. you just have to know how to control it. The Audi 4-wheel drive system is good .. but proper driving skill will always be the first line of handling.

  21. jaja: I just let them keep the license for as long as they won’t. I won’t stop driving because they have it. Its as simple as that for me, then I get it back after two weeks or so.

    Patrick: I don’t know what exactly you are trying to convey about each machine. They are built for different purposes, some more traction oriented then the other, and then there is the issue of a few of them being rear wheel drive or four wheel drive. All these machines handle tremendously better then 90% of vehicles out there but some are still better then others.

    K: Its all about the driving!

  22. K. Exactly, 4 motion, ESP and other features on Quattro draw the line for traction. Its always a better grip and stability with less maneuvers on all roads conditions.

    Marzouq, I was pointing out the great traction and stability Audi cars (the R8 here) have, compared do other cars from the same categories, on wet roads (well on all roads actually).

  23. Patrick:
    That isn’t the case when you want to have all-out performance. The Porsche Turbo comes with 4wheel drive and a traction system .. its track version the GT2 doesn’t have either (and is a much more capable performer). As for the audi quattro system; a GT3 (cheaper than the R8) would massacre the Audi R8 around mosts corner (without 4wheel drive).

    As for all-weather conditions; I don’t know that many people that would drive any sports car in bad conditions. I would rather be in a large SUV with huge tires.

  24. I don’t get it, you are saying that a GT3 (without 4 wheel drive) would ‘massacre’ the R8 on corners? If so, that is not making any sense, because a normal (non customized or boosted) GT3 is weaker then the R8 by nature, it delivers 415bhp and its on a 6 cylinders 3.6L engine (mounted in the back) while the R8 has a V8 FSI 4.2L (middle mounted engine) that delivers 420 bhp + the R8’s engine has a higher torque, and very advanced techs that maintains more then 90% of that noisy torque till the highest RPM (till about 7500rpm). As a result, no, i am confident to say that even without putting it on the road, by default a GT3 cannot ‘massacre’ an R8. The only street legal car (non modified) that competes directly with the R8 from Porsche is the 4S.

    + Not really out of this topic but the next R8 (2008) is coming with the lambo engine, we are talking around the 500HP’s…

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