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Hardeez – The Whim


I got the sudden urge the other day to have some Hardeez and somebody recommended to me the Philly Cheese Steak, and so I took a chance got the sandwich and a hot dog for suhoor. I went myself to the drive through in Mishref, the place was packed full of kids which is a bit disappointing that families would let their young kids out unsupervised at 11:30pm.

I got my order in my car and went home to try the new sandwich, and I could smell the hot dog. As soon as I got to home, I went downstairs and started the anime. I opened the Philly Cheese Steak first and surprising it was a very good sandwich, much better then I expected and it tasted fresh. I was happy it tasted good and I enjoy my hot dog, its funny how sometimes you have these urges for certain things.