The Boys Are Back


I haven’t been riding for the last three weeks before traveling so my bikes were parked for a month and a half. I called up TriStar to pickup Robo and Pyro to give them a quick check and to charge their batteries overnight. I thought they might be busy since riding season is coming up soon. They called me back up the next morning since I called at night and sent the driver that day to pick up both bikes.


They brought back both bikes ready and kicking, they have a check list which is important checking on a motorcycles vitals.

The List:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Oil Levels
  • Coolant Levels
  • Adjust Chain tension and lubricate (K1200R doesn’t have chain)
  • Charge Battery

There service is always good, and its nice to see the boys back in shape and I will be riding soon again. I won’t be riding to work any more since there no longer is a half Thursday and I’m happy I get to ride a more and also get to sleep in a bit as well. I missed riding both these machines, and I thought how they would be different to ride in the highways of California but I don’t know when that would happen and if that would happen. It would be nice to ride these machines in the cold weather again.

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  1. You know what I realized!

    That you’ve been riding all year round almost LOL! Hehehe I remembered the posts where you were riding in the winter, and in the summer and I’m like daaaaaaaaamn time sure does fly!

  2. look at the old chum robo back there hehehe so lonely
    My heart goes out to you robo :p

  3. The weather is getting much better now, and at night it is really good! Soon it’ll be just as good in the morning!

  4. chikapappi: I love Pyro too!

    Jacqui: I know it has been a little while, and I haven’t even ridden the Ducati in the winter yet!

    Laialy: I went riding on Robo, thats the funny part!

    N: Exactly, I am going to start riding again but Ramadan schedule is conflicting a bit!

  5. yesterday i rode my bike before the fo6oor,, weather was much better than our Friday morning rides

    can’t wait to ride with you,, give me a call if your going for a ride,, ANYTIME (^___^) “

  6. vampire: loool! I know what you mean, I will be riding soon inshalla, I have been riding at night sometimes but before futoor is also nice!

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