Transformers – The Movie!


This is the best movie of the year, and if someone hasn’t seen it for a reason they should buy the DVD and watch it. There is no reason for not seeing this movie, and if you haven’t then you must buy this DVD to redeem yourself. An action packed movie with the Transformers, who wouldn’t want to watch this! There is an HD-DVD version of this movie which is coming out the same day, I will be purchasing the HD-DVD version of it.

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  1. Seeming you mentioned HD-DVD… I was wondering if HD-DVDs can be played on the regular DVD player?

  2. i really did like it.. but i felt that the action/fighting scenes went on for too long.. my friend and I both agreed that it’s a perfect guy movie :P

  3. B’s Sanctuary: You need a specific HD-DVD player to play HD-DVDs, since these discs are very different then normal DVDs. I have an HD-DVD player attachment which works with the X-Box 360 or else I would have had to buy an HD-DVD player. Its worth it for the quality, both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

    Vixen: It made every man proud!! It was a great movie!!!

  4. Awesome movie ! Really amazing !

  5. This is gonna sound really stupid, But what’s so special about the HD-DVD or the blu-ray?

    About Transformers, I didn’t have a chance to see it in theatres so i’ll definitely get it on DVD.

  6. currently they are showing it in the iMax theater, i would love to go see it … i garra find time

  7. Hmmm guess I gotta see if axxo came out with it yet

  8. Grey: Exactly! Its a great movie!

    MEANBOY: Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are high definition play back so it looks extremely clear on TV. You can see all the details and you feel emmersed in the movie.

    Laialy: DAMN!!! I would kill to see it in iMax!!!

    TAT: Go see it for sure!

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