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I have thinking about this idea for a little while and I have come to the conclusion that I am going to go through with it. The Landcruiser’s sound system is pretty bad compared to other vehicles out there, but now the CD changer has shorted out and it will cost a large amount to replace which I didn’t think was worth. It would be better to spend a little more an get the system that you can. I would get the right system for me since I like to listen to music loudly and clearly.

Right now Crutchfield are helping me with all my choices which is great, all through email and they are giving me reasons to why to take specific products then I would go through the reviews.

The list of items:

  • HeadUnit
  • Front Speakers
  • Rear Speakers
  • Wiring
  • Amplifier
  • Dynamat

I don’t want a Subwoofer if the speakers can handle a little bass in the songs, I don’t want too much of a thud in the sound system so I am going without subwoofers, but I’m keeping them in mind. I know a place that would do a good installation in Kuwait with clean wiring, and I am getting all the components from the states including the wiring since in Kuwait even if you do get certain brands they would be manufactured different then the units you get from the states. I’m looking forward to this but it is taking sometime with the research, and I have wanted to upgrade the sound system for years.

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  1. pimp your ride … i’ve always had this in my mind when i get my car back in q8 inshalla i’d like to invest in a good sounds system, totally worth it

  2. I would recommend you get two tweeters for the high frequencies since the normal ones are not good enough for the job. Think about it like this

    Tweeters = High frequencies
    Normal Speakers = Mid Frequencies
    Subwoofer + low frequencies

    Or buy the Speaker with tweeters in em :) although I think it would sound better if they were at ear level.

    And yeah make sure the headunit has an AUX input with RCA connectors you know so you can use any mp3 player of choice be it a zune ipod or the fake nano they sell in Hawally.

    If you want good base go for a sub that got the “6ub” sound to it as opposed to “brrrrrrrrrr” if you get what I mean.

    Depending on what you install might need an extra battery too

  3. Q8expat

    Hi any hints on the people who would be doing it for you, I mean you have stated “I know a place that would do a good installation in Kuwait”… could you tell us who they are.

  4. Laialy: Yup it is worth it, but you have to find the right place!

    Stallion: oooh.. thanks, I will check those out! I have an idea about sound systems and I know what I want so hopefully I can put something decent together!

    TAT: The speakers are component speakers, but the area for installing the tweeters are down below with the speakers. There isn’t any space in the landcruiser to put the tweeters above. As for the headunit it has an USB connection so I can connect thumb drives as well as MP3 players. I know what you mean, but I’m thinking of getting the system without the subs for now and then seeing how it is before adding the subs. I’m not putting too much so I don’t think I would need another battery, especially since I’m going without the Sub option, and if I am I would get a capacitor to help regulate it.

    Q8expat: As for the installation I am taking to a shop that I trust, but they don’t do sound systems all the time. They are extremely good for wiring, and they do clean work. So for now I just need them to do the clean wiring while I configure the system and tweak the settings on the amp and headunit. I will post up where I am getting it done once it gets started.

  5. i had modified the sound system for my old three cars

    i always liked the 2 or 3-way speakers better than separate tweeters

    a pair of 6×9″ speakers will give u a nice bass unless u want to bounce then u will need a woofer

    the USB ready HU i’m dreaming of right now but i’m satisfied with my current OEM sound system in my new car,, maybe later

    good luck doing the job

  6. There are better links for 80 series land cruisers but I left those for your 100 series one!

  7. vampire: Thanks I need to get some work done on it for sure! What I’m getting are probably component speakers! But 6×9 would be too big for the front doors of the Landcruiser!

    Stallion: Thanks!!

    Mark: Hell no, there is a better HU then that!

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