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Aftermarket Sound System


I have thinking about this idea for a little while and I have come to the conclusion that I am going to go through with it. The Landcruiser’s sound system is pretty bad compared to other vehicles out there, but now the CD changer has shorted out and it will cost a large amount to replace which I didn’t think was worth. It would be better to spend a little more an get the system that you can. I would get the right system for me since I like to listen to music loudly and clearly.

Right now Crutchfield are helping me with all my choices which is great, all through email and they are giving me reasons to why to take specific products then I would go through the reviews.

The list of items:

  • HeadUnit
  • Front Speakers
  • Rear Speakers
  • Wiring
  • Amplifier
  • Dynamat

I don’t want a Subwoofer if the speakers can handle a little bass in the songs, I don’t want too much of a thud in the sound system so I am going without subwoofers, but I’m keeping them in mind. I know a place that would do a good installation in Kuwait with clean wiring, and I am getting all the components from the states including the wiring since in Kuwait even if you do get certain brands they would be manufactured different then the units you get from the states. I’m looking forward to this but it is taking sometime with the research, and I have wanted to upgrade the sound system for years.