Apple iPhone – Apple Might Break Your Phone


This has been in the air but nobody has really discussed it until Apple has come out and made an official statement. It seems they are hell bent on keeping the iPhone locked, and if an update is applied it will most likely brick your phone on purpose. The update shouldn’t have anything to do with the status of the lock but seems they are tying it to it, and if the Phone bricks because of the update it is not covered under warranty. This update will give your iPhone the ability to go to the Wifi Music Store, but it might have other affects which are yet unknown. Check out the link for more information.


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  1. Not only that, they pushed 3G until next year! That’s not nice. Well, at least I’m hoping by the time is becomes efficiently usable here, it’ll be well worth it, with more space and more features. For the time being, I’ll stick to my ericsson.

  2. N: I know they are being annoying about it! They need to get on top of the tech and keep the nice interface without messing with the phones!

    Moey: Seriously!

    Laialy: yup!

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