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My Tooth And I


I have love/hate relationship with dentists, when I really think about it, its just a hate relationship. I hate going to the dentist since every time I go to dentist even if I’m not in pain I leave in pain. I have never left a dentist thinking, I’m happy I went. Maybe it was better for me that I went but I still don’t feel happy about it.

I have been feeling pain in my back tooth for the past couple of days, but I have been ignoring it hoping it goes away or goes somewhere else. With a tooth pain it becomes difficult to concentrate, and the pain I’m having is resulting from pressure. I don’t have a cavity thats for sure, I brush my teeth about 4 times a day, and I’m not much of sweets person. Its the pressure that hurts, and I’m delaying the trip to the dentist as much as possible, but at one point I’m going to have to go.

I don’t have a specific dentist that I go to in Kuwait, since I have run into problems with different dentists and sometimes they really screw up. At one point I didn’t go to a dentist for four years until I had to in the states, and to my luck I stumbled upon a fantastic compassionate dentist. But here I’m going to try my luck with one dentist maybe next week, it all depends how much pain I feel over the next couple of days. I’m very stubborn when it comes to the dentist.