HTC Touch


So after looking around for a good work phone I decided to go with the HTC Touch because of my requirements and the features of the HTC Touch fit my requirements.

  • Integrates Directly with Outlook without any third party software
  • Compact, Simple, and Light
  • Battery Lasts a good amount of time.
  • Good touch screen interface
  • The Touch Flo interface is very useful and configurable
  • Charging by USB
  • Plays MP3s and other forms of media
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Arabic Language

dsc02362.jpgSome people were asking me why I didn’t get the Apple instead of this, I think the main reason I would be too entertained by it. A few other reasons is that there is no Arabic Support, I have to use a third party software to integrate with Outlook, and its a bit bigger then what I need.

Price: 180 KD

Link: HTC










A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 3alek bil3afya bro :) hope it helps you with your work, where did u get it from? I mean which shop?

  2. I’ve seen it been used and heard great deal about it. I think you made a good choice. Only disadvantage with those phones is you can’t write SMS on the go.

  3. damn it !!

    i was thinking about it today …

    it is a great phone for work .. and synchronizing it with outlook and opening pdf files

    im sure the iphone is not work windows friendly

    180 is too much i think .. law 140 kd .. chan 9ar khoosh se3er

    i think im gona cancel the iPhone idea and get the HTC touch

    plzz plzz .. write down .. its down falls .. and disadvantages

  4. 3alek bel 3afia ,,

    am not into those , i had bad exprerince with I-Mate ..but this one has good features… i’ll wait for Sony ericsoon K850 :)

  5. i’m looking for a wifi featured mobile phone and i think this one will suit me

    was YouTube’ing it 2 weeks ago

  6. I thought about this since I needed a new phone anyway and I kinda grew into an Iphone hater, maybe you can tell us how well it integrates into outlook, and if your an outlook power user got any pointers?

  7. Amu: I got it from Phone Center, they had a couple so I picked this one up.

    Yazeed: loool, don’t like the querty keyboards! Alah ebarik ib 7ayatik!

    Mark: yup, compact and sleek design!

    Laialy: Alah ebarik ib 7ayatich!

    Bashar: Your right, I think right now thats the only disadvantage!

    Murqab: I will write a full review within another week of use so I can see what can go wrong with it.

    Vixen: alah e3afeech!

    Laziale: yes the SE K850 seems like its going to be a winner with everyone!

    Vampire: it does have wifi that is why I’m enjoying its features!

    TAT: Right now the iPhone looks cool with all bells and whistles but its still not good enough for everything. For outlook this is working out really well.

  8. Bader

    -Battery Lasts a good amount of time.

    WRONG! You’ll find out soon!

  9. Katie

    Still happy with the htc touch? Why didn’t you get the htc touch dual instead?
    I’m in desperate need of a new phone my samsung 300i died… I’m trying to choose between the Nokia n82 and the touch dual, any recommendations? You seem to know everything about theese things :)

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