Through The Day


I think I have been on over drive the past couple of days with a lot to do and not enough time in the day, its insane and I can’t get enough done in one day. This is a basic idea of a how my day has been going for the past two weeks in Ramadan.

7:30 am – Wake Up

9:00 am – At Work

3:45 pm- Leave Work

4:10 pm – At Home

4:30 pm – Pass out from Exhaustion for a bit

5:10 pm – Wake up from power nap and wash up.

5:45 pm – Futoor, depends if its in house, or visiting somebody and having to drive there.

6:25 pm – Finish Futoor

7:05 pm – Isha Prayer

7:30 pm – Head home or relax if at home

8:00 pm – Go out to Dewaneya or visiting someone

9:00 pm – Go to other work

10:00 pm – Keep working on numbers and other items

12:00 am – Go Home

12:20 am – Chill with the Family

1:30 am – Blog a little

4:00 am – Pass Out

Then rince and repeat! I felt tired just writing the whole thing!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about not enough hours in the day .. this is really over kill, now I dream about all those days i spent in q8 in summer doing nothing

  2. talk about passing out – I don’t bother change when I get home!

  3. Laialy: yeah, it just isn’t enough these days! I haven’t done nothing in a long time!

    chikapappi: I always change! lol!

  4. At first I thought ramadan would be a nice time to unwind but I still feel tired day after day I don’t know why though!

  5. u forgot the biking part…:p

  6. I’ve got the exact same schedule, except your “other work” is my anime watching time lol!

  7. Jacqui: Too much on the plate! Thats for sure!

    MAZE: U mean riding! lol! Soon!

    N: hahaha! I wish that was the case for me!

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